Tuesday, December 11, 2007

What's going on ...

Today the first Christmas present should be finished in the shop. There is another in progress (approximately 70% done), and at least two more to start-although there are at least 2 additionaly projects which I'd like to get done. I think I should start in September instead of December next year.

A review is up at Amazon.com for Two Towers by John Meehan (on special discount til 20 December, by the way.) Here's a piece of the review:

The two towers in the title refer to faith and morals and how both are necessary. Meehan reminds us of the power of the sacrament of Baptism and the necessity of strong catechetical instruction. He explains how there's a bit of amnesia going both ways in the "culture wars" within the American Catholic church: the de-Christianized who have forgotten who they are and what they've been given, and the more orthodox Catholics who have forgotten who the de-Christianized are and what they've been given.

Of course, you can buy it here .

There is so much good stuff at The Bride and the Dragon I never have time to read it all. For example, look at today's lead article: (here) on living simply and living wages. And then go down and read John Paul II - the man I loved from last week-if you get that far. There is a lot in between you can get stuck on.

Drank another glass of skim milk last night-and still didn't notice a difference.

One of our parishioners brought a beautiful picture of our Lady on the Tilma back from Mexico and it now hangs in our Church. We have a substantial Hispanic population at our parish. I wish I was there to see their faces on Saturday when they came for Mass. The image will be dedicated on tomorrow's feast. We plan to be there.

Our Lady of Joyful Hope-pray for us! ... Oremus pro invicem!

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