Monday, September 10, 2018


We had the best looking sweet sorghum crop in years, but we ran out to time to process it correctly. It won't go to waste, the seeds are chicken feed and the stocks, although not squeezed to make syrup, will be fed to some appreciative pigs.

We are just about done with most of the summer garden. There are lingering tomatoes and one or two pumpkins left to pull. It was a good year for pumpkins, although absent were some of the huge pumpkins of past years.

For to be a farmer's boy, 1887-Winslow Homer

I think our peanuts (although the smallest plot in years) will be stellar based on what I have seen so far. Harvest is still a few weeks away.

The summer won't leave. We are still having 90+ to 100 degree days everyday. It burns up any broccoli or cabbage you try to put in.

With school having starting for me, getting a big fall garden in will be a challenge. I like fall gardens because weeds don't grow.

Speaking of school, I have started a new assignment. In addition to teaching part-time at a local technical college, I am now teaching Physics at a 4-year college (as an adjunct.) 

More money but less time at the homestead.....

Oremus pro invicem!