Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Homestead

It surprised me to see an updated satellite image of our homestead on Google the other day. This was taken in April of 2012 I am guessing. I can tell because of the cars present and the configuration of the plantings and pig houses. And it was in the spring as you can see in the field adjoining the property that some plowing has been done, but not finished. You can even tell we had the horse out that day because of the dark, just turned soil compared to the soil next to it.

In the front yard on the top side of the property you can see garden near the road, but also some pens with houses-last year we moved many of the pigs to the front yard.

Our milk cow (cows at the time) and bull and barn are located on the South side of the house (next to the house in lower portion of the photo).

On the South side in the back we still have a couple farrowing pens, but the rest was planted in sweet corn (which we picked June 1st last year and are still eating). The fences are still up as you can tell, but no housing.

Lots of things have changed since this photo. - Oremus pro invicem!

Monday, June 10, 2013

My latest wrting effort can be found: . It's about trying to maintain a family prayer life as the children get older and busier, working etc. Enjoy it.

Here's a preview:

So on May 29th we surprisingly (and unexpectedly) had everyone at home in the evening. I had spent all day under my oldest son’s truck working on a very stubborn bolt while trying to change the starter. I had been struggling with this bolt for several days and was close to the end of my options. He really needed his truck back on the road for work, and in fact was off work because of the truck. As I was giving it my final effort, I thought about May and Mary, and how everyone was home. I made a promise, “Mother in Heaven, if you let me get this bolt now, I promise a May crowning today.” Then I started putting force on the lever and heard Nick shout, “It’s turning!” Sure enough that bolt came out. I told Nick of my promise, but cautioned him, “I only made the promise based on the bolt turning, not that installing a new starter will get the truck rolling again.” But Our Lady was generous. 10 minutes later the new starter was installed and the truck cranking.

Oremus pro invicem!