Sunday, October 29, 2023

Things lost; things saved

Last weekend I was in NC roasting a large 1/2 hog on a grill. We put it on at 10 PM and I was sleeping on the ground outside, waking up every hour to put coals on. There were some teenage boys also sleeping outside. One in particular asked me every time I put coals on "When is the pig going to start to cook?"

I kept explaining the hot coals I was putting under the grill was cooking the hog. 

At 3:00 AM this boy woke me and said, "Mr. Curley, the pig is really cooking now!" I looked up to see the grill engulfed in flames and billowing black smoke. Apparently enough fat from the pig has fell on the hot coals to make some flames leap, and thus set the pig aflame.

We did get the fire out, and after an inspection determined that only the outside was burnt. The inside still needed cooking. We cooked it and feasted Saturday night. A thing saved.

During the battle (with the blaze) somehow my wedding ring slipped off my finger and has not been found. This is the first time I have lost it. I dug through dirt and ashes, but no ring. I was reminded of the play The Jeweler's Shop when one spouse tries to sell her ring back to the jeweler - who won't accept it as her spouse is still alive. A thing lost.

Oremus pro invicem!

Saturday, October 14, 2023

Not a car guy

I have been struggling all week with a bad wheel bearing assembly on the truck. I got a new one, but could not get the old one out. Finally, I went down the hardware store and bought a 2-foot pipe wrench; combine that with the back end of a splitting maul, and after 20 swings or so, it came out. After getting it out, I was in the garage putting a tool away and noticed my own old 2-foot pipe wrench hanging on the wall. 

I don't even know what tools I already own!

Later I removed with much less, (but a little) trouble a second wheel bearing assembly. Am I to be hailed? Ur, no. I had to remove the new assembly I put in because I realized have spending an hour unsuccessfully trying to put the calipers back on the rotor, that I put the dust shield on backwards - so it all had to come off.

Am I finished? No. I damaged the outer tie rod boot during the whole process, so have to replace the outer tie rod. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to get the old one off after about an hour of heat, cheater bars, pry bars, etc. 

Done for the day!

But I leave you with this more pleasant picture - a late pumpkin. I am hoping it will turn before the first frost.

Oremus pro invicem!