Friday, May 31, 2019

Life is great, but I hate bathroom remodels. I have been working so much and doing so many things that this old blog has been sadly neglected. Did I mention I hate bathrooms?

School is out for me, and except for a possible 4 week course at the end of July, I have little work this summer. 

That may be good because the 2-day bathroom remodel looks like it may take many more days and even weeks. Did I mention how much I hate bathrooms? Things leak...

I am done for the night, but I am hoping that by this time tomorrow night the most critical issues have been resolved. 

The worst of it is that after this remodel, I tackle the one upstairs..... This could be the summer from....

But otherwise, life is great. I am blessed greatly. More on this later, if I can get by the bathroom issues.

Oremus pro invicem!