Friday, May 30, 2014

I turned 50 this year and we had a small family party back in April. I had been teasing Lori a bit these past few months as she had surprised me with parties on my 30th and my 40th birthday, but I knew she wasn't in the position to do anything for my 50th. Little did I know she was planning again.
Last Saturday I was greeted by many family and friends who had found their way to Bethune-some for the first time. I was overwhelmed.
I have much to be thankful for. But more importantly I still have time in my life to work on being a better husband, father, brother, uncle, and friend.
Oremus pro invicem! 

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

They don't make them like they used to ....

This light was installed in my parents house when the house was built in 1963. It has the original light bulb (for years we have wondered how we would change the bulb as it is in the entrance-way in a split ranch. We have speculated we would either have to go into the attic or rent scaffolding. In any event, after 51 years (albeit it is no longer used everyday anymore) the same bulb still works after 51 years!

This is hard to explain, to say the least.

Oremus pro invicem!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Haven't had rain in days, but .... 100% chance predicted for Thursday.

My two boys are home from college. They both are taking a week off before going to work, so I figure they want to spend a week working around here. This morning the peanut acres (or 2) plowing was finished. (I did take my hand at the plow last week, but too many bodies now.) We need to harrow the field before planting, but I hope the peanuts will be in the ground within a week.

The boys have been moving manure the past few weeks. We saved a bunch for the sweet sorghum plot. I think we only have one more truckload (pick-up) to move. We will plant the sorghum the first week in June.

Brocolli and green peas and radishes are finished. Romaine is still in. Planting okra today or tomorrow.

Got some chicks this weekend. They are about 2 weeks old. Instead of building a brooder (it has been a while since we needed one) we are just keeping them inside at night for a couple weeks. Plan to finish (refurbish) the chicken coop tomorrow.

Good to have the boys back.

I keep trying to pray the prayer I heard a talk about during Lent: Dear Lord, I pray only for what You want to give me-namely Yourself. (But there are so many other things I want-and as I realize this, I realize once again that I am a poor sinner!)

Oremus pro invicem!