Monday, December 17, 2007

Baptism & Hope

I have been reading (but not finished) Spe Salvi. Early on the Holy Father writes:

...the classical form of the dialogue with which the rite of Baptism expressed the reception of an infant inot the community of believers and the infant's rebirth in Christ. First of all the priest asked what name the parents had chosen for the child and then he continued with the question: "What do you ask of the Church?" Answer: "Faith". And what does faith give you?" "Eternal life."

It just occurred to me that maybe the classical form would make parents take the sacrament of Baptism more seriously. Typically in the present day, when we are asked "What do you ask of the Church?", the answer given is: "Baptism". But what if you are not well catechised and the Baptism you seek is more for cultural reasons? Would the classical form make a parent think and draw them and their child deeper into the faith?

Our Lady of Joyful Hope-pray for us! ... Oremus pro invicem!

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