Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Reading now...

I am reading Warren Carroll's "Revolution against Christendom" (see Saturday's entry) and will post on it periodically-although my review will be tainted by the Amazon review discussed in the comments to my original post. I say tainted because my reviews will probably particularly address those things mentioned in the Amazon review instead of simply focussing on what struck me.

In the meantime, I had already started El Dorado, further adventures of the Scarlet Pimpernal by Baroness Orczy (Dover Classics). My long-time readers (if any) may recall this post from over a year ago where I discussed two great love stories on film and literature, both of which involved a married couple-one being the original Scarlet Pimpernal. (If you see the movie, make sure it is the Leslie Howard version-a true classic.) Well, this current read is a sequel. As far as I have read, it may not be a classic as the original (few sequels are), but it does hold the attention.


TS said...

Doh! I did hesitate before posting that comment. I probably shouldn't have because as you say it's changing the way you're approaching the book.

Do unto others and I'm not sure I would want someone to point out a nasty review of a book I'm excited about. Mea culpa Jim!

JCurley said...

Don't worry, it will not change my READING of the book-just my COMMENTARY on it. But thanks for the concern.