Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Lofty heights

Giving Up Stealing .... For Lent! (and other family stories) reached the lofty heights of a 52,261 ranking yesterday on Amazon.com. (See sidebar for cover.) One point of note: this really isn't meant to be a book for children. (I have been asked-probably because the cover illustration may make you think it could be). While a good number of the stories could be read to children, there are a handful of quotes in the book which use cruder language. This is after all, the true story of the author's family adventures, and while much is humorous, life and death and other serious issues are also part of the history.

Russell Shaw's book (Catholic Laity in the Mission of the Church) hit these heights also once-I think it was back in December.

Of course I would rather you buy our books directly from the RequiemPress website or your local Catholic bookstore, but I'll take the sales either way.

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