Saturday, May 06, 2006

I got it!

An unexpected box arrived in the mail today from my mother. I opened it: The Revolution Against Christendom by Warren Carroll. It is Volume 5 of 6 in his History of Christendom series.

I called my Mom today to thank her; she meant to get it for me for Christmas, but it was on backorder (actually not at the printer yet) at that time. I know what I will be reading the next few weeks-and know what you will be hearing about at Bethune Catholic.


TS said...

I was tempted to get this until I saw the review from a Catholic on

JCurley said...

TS-Hadn't read the review before, but just did now. Some of it I can't comment on as I haven't read the new book, but I have read everything else Warren Carroll has written.

The reviewer seems to have bone to pick and also seems to be partial to some conspiracy theories himself. ("the hideous Knights Templar masonic conspiracy")-as well as not concerned about his own accuracy.

The reviewer criticizes the "Guillotine and the Cross" which is the best account from a Catholic worldview of the French Revolution I have read.

Warren Carroll (at least in his previous works) has been meticulous in given references. His books are fully documented.

In fact, if you look to see what the reviewer has said about Warren Carroll in the past, the present review loses a lot of weight. The reviewer questions whether Warren Carroll's conversion to Catholicism was sincere: "the author's supposed, but we suspect rather insincere, "conversion" to Catholicism from paganism."

Then the reviewer accuses "Dr. Carroll is certainly in sympathy with, if not an active member of, the various masonic cults"

I have read everything he has written; three of my sisters studied under Dr. Carroll; and these accusations are hogwash.

In fact in another review the same reviewer criticizes Dr. Carroll for not naming masonry as the source of the Reformation. I think it is the reviewer who has a hang up.

TS said...

Yeah it is awfully curious isn't it? I mean I can't even imagine Warren Carroll promoting paganism. Ridiculous on the face of it. But I read the guy's other reviews and he's a big fan of a very orthodox book on Fatima. Odd. I would've thought he'd be some liberal Catholic or agnostic. Anyway, I'll keep this book in mind and will look forward to any of your comments as you make your way through it.