Monday, May 08, 2006

The Weekend

Will start with the best (and the last) first. We went to St. Joseph's, our old parish in Columbia, on Sunday. Built by the same architect as our home parish, St. Catherine's, St. Joseph's is 'a little' grander. St. Joseph's and St. Catherine's share various details including the granite exterior, exposed beams, inset stations of the cross, and a few other details. Yet St. Joseph's is home to some 1800+ families, while St. Catherine's is home to around 100 families.

Each has its place: the simplicity and the grandeur. I generally favor the simplicity, but the grandeur can move you at times and remind you of the majesty of God-while the simplicity is at times easier to pray in.

After Mass we talked too briefly with some old friends. Then we went over to another friends' house in Columbia, ate breakfast, talked, and said the rosary together. This last is a very special experience for the whole family. Two Sundays in a row we have been able to pray the rosary with another family. Several years ago this was a weekly experience as we had a group of 2-5 families (depending on the week) that met virtually every Sunday for breakfast and the rosary after Mass. Great friendships have been born of these times. (and hopefully great prayers were offered.)

Saturday we finally got those tomato plants in the ground and got some other neglected areas of the holding in better shape, including the chicken coop. We plan to get some more chickens, but the coop needs a little sprucing up. We got this at least started on Saturday.

We also re-mated one of the rabbits. Will do it agian today just to make sure it 'took'.

From Bethany, the small holding in Bethune...Oremus pro invicem!

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