Wednesday, May 10, 2006


We are going to take our CCD class to "forty acre rock" someday soon. Hike, lunch, rosary, catch the 'sights', and then hike and home. Should be a fun time.

I have to plan a hiking/camping trip with the family sometime. It is one of those activities which we have not had time to do since we moved to Bethany. (It is ironic how the some of the changes we made in moving here affected so many things we didn't anticipate: like time and means to go on hiking and camping trips-but this is the subject for its own post someday.)

In researching the present trip (which is a day trip) I came across information on Mount Crowder in NC (link here). This looks like it may have some potential for a trip... We have never been hiking in NC before and this doesn't look too far away.

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