Monday, December 01, 2008

The time is coming

My sister an author/illustrator of Requiem Press' The Story of Our Lady of Victory (and a couple books from TAN) has a very timely and strong piece today at Catholic Exchange. Read it here .

And, I almost missed this: Greencastle's comments on Eric Brende's Better Off-Flipping the Switch on Technology, reviewed here a couple weeks ago.

Here's the lines I liked best (she is commenting on the quote from the book "Many hands make light work" and the thesis that part of that wasn't the physical help, but the friendship and camaraderie of working together makes work not seem so):

What struck me, is that this is the exact opposite of life as a suburban housewife. Perhaps the reason the feminist movement was able to be so persuasive, even, with all it’s talk of home life being lonely and unfulfilling. Here I am at home, the only adult around. I’ve got a few retired neighbors in the immediate neighborhood, and I’ve recently spied another stay-at-home mom who lives a couple blocks from me, but we don’t get together. It’s me and my mechanical servants (washing machine, plumbing, heat, stove, oven . . .) running the household.

But read the whole thing.

Oremus pro invicem!

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