Tuesday, December 02, 2008

First a little advertising and shameless self-promotion this morning, from the press release:

Folk Art Show & Sale • Dec. 6th, 9AM-5PM • Held at the University of South Carolina, Lancaster. Dedicated to Southern Folk Art. They will have good provided by the Bo Thai Restaurant and live music will be provided by the Curly Family of Bethune. They are calling fold, outsider, avant-garde and self taught artists to join in. For an artist application, or more information, contact Robert Smith email or call 803-329-7471.

Yes that is us-but really not all of us. The boys mostly will be playing and singing. They have a little country band with banjo, guitar, harmonica, and sometimes slide whistle and auto harp. (I may put in a guest appearance for one song-but it is the boys' show.) If I get my act together, I will put some boxes and other wooden creations for sale at the show too.

Speaking of music and wood ... another tradition of our Thanksgiving day has been to sing and play music. This year I escaped without performing my rendition of "If I Were a Rich Man", but we still had loads of fun.

And Santa's shop is officially open, if a bit late. I was neatening the shop yesterday in anticipation of getting down to serious work on Wednesday. A lot to do with little time...

It's funny how things crop up when you are neatening up. I had found in the basement of our first house in Uxbridge, MA a metal door handle in which was stamped "Eat Dairy Maid Ice Cream". It has hung on my shop wall everywhere we've lived. I came across it yesterday just before I was heading to the hardware store to buy a door handle for our small barn.

I have discovered craigslist. I am sure I am a latecomer to the party, but what a resource! Found a possible source for some Comet laying hens for next season. (We have some RI Reds and will carry over some Golden Buff Orpingtons, but are still short a dozen or so hens.)

And in other farm news, the young gilts we brought home a week or two ago are really coming along. The biggest is certainly looking like a good possibility for a breeding sow. We'll see on the others.

Oremus pro invicem!

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Jeff Culbreath said...

The Curley Family band! Sounds delightful, wish I could be there. And it sounds like we're thinking about the same kids of chickens ...

Blessed Advent to all the Curleys.