Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Cold one this morning. I was in town yesterday earning some keep, which means manure collection this morning took twice as long and had almost 3X the yield. (I manure the pens both morning and evening. The longer you leave the manure uncollected, the greater the chance it will be ground into dirt.) With our sandy, sandy soil, manure is the key to gardening.

Confirmed the Golden Comets to hatch for early January from a local farmer. Golden Comets are crosses between RI Reds and White Leghorns and .... I forget. They are supposed to be most reliable layers-which need after this years sporadic laying come August. These Comets, paired with our RI Reds (and last years layovers), should gives us good egg yield.

Wood shop work gets delayed again. The belt on the '87 S10 has been slipping off. Based on my investigation, I think (and am hoping) it is the tensioner pulley and the idle pulley. Will change them out this morning once it warms enough to work without gloves. This should be a short job-God-willing.

Jeff Culbreath writes this morning (so who won the pool?) on music in his family. I too am amazed at how my children have picked up musical instruments and become proficient. In hopes to join them, I have learned a song or two on the harmonica. In the meantime, they have picked up the banjo, guitar, and harmonica themselves. When I join them, I feel like a fifth wheel. I can't sing (yes family of my youth, I finally admit it.) and can barely play. But I love the music in the house.

Oremus pro invicem!


Anonymous said...

Dear Uncle Jim,
I want to visit you. I keep on asking my mother that I want to visit you but since I heard you are killing pigs I really don't like your style.
Love L

Jim Dorchak said...


I hope that you and your boys will play a jig or two when we come down for pig day. I love to sing and so does Andrew (Barbershop harmony and church for the most part), and I would love to have Jimmy and Samuel hear your boys so that they could see that they can do it as well.

Jim Dorchak

Jim Curley said...

Jim-Would love to do some music while you're here. Looking forward to it. - Jim

Jim Curley said...

Dear L. - I hope you can visit. You know I don't particularly like killing pigs-but we have to eat. And my pigs have happier life than most, so it's okay. Love Uncle Jim