Friday, September 19, 2008

UPDATE: I forgot to mention Mrs. Curley's pivotal role in this operation. I stunned the pig (.22 Henry) so he would feel no pain when I stuck him. Mrs. Curley held him on his back by his front legs so I could get a good stick. Operation went very smoothly.

We put "Fred" down today and incinerated his body and then buried it. He responded while on the penicillin, but immediately ran a high fever and became lethargic again once off it. Yesterday and this morning he barely got up. So we took him out of the pen, quickly dispensed with him.

We didn't want to take any more chances with the rest of the livestock around. We nursed him for several weeks now, but he was miserable these last two days. So goes life on the farm.

Never did get to the brakes on the truck today...tomorrow.

Oremus pro invicem!

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Anonymous said...


I was sorry to hear about Freds passing, especially with out any BBQ sauce or cornbread. But I think that you did the right thing to cut (pardonthe pun) your losses.

Jim Dorchak