Friday, September 19, 2008

A couple post down I called our presidential candidates buffoons-perhaps they are, maybe they aren't-but either way I shouldn't have called them that. What I do know is that as the economic and world crisis deepens I fear even more the competence of either to be able to lead the country. I guess this is simply a recognition that neither share my world view.

I see from the news reports that the solution to the the economic crisis is for the government to take more and more control over private enterprises (and this under a Republican president). When it comes down to it, even capitalists don't believe in their own system.

Since I spent more time on the road this week than usual, I heard more of NPR.... You listen to their news, you would think that the Sarah Palin pick has driven women from McCain to the Obama camp. Unbelievable!

Wednesday the whole family went and picked old watermelon from our neighbor's soon to be ploughed field. Our pigs are feasting!

Today I have some mechanical work to do-a brake job on the truck and a compression test on the lawn mower. But first, off to Mass.

Oremus pro invicem!

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