Monday, September 22, 2008

Okay, the foolishness that is besetting our country via the Federal Government has prompted me to almost commit to beginning my campaign for the high office in '012. If Congress passes this authorization for $700B bailout, is it because they are concerned for the country? or are they simply concerned for their (and their friends') investment portfolios?

As I mentioned last week-isn't this bailout a total violation of what a capitalist economy stands for (not that I am a capitalist)? "We want Capitalism until it hurts the rich-then let us protect the rich (from themselves) and their wealth with Socialist policies."

And just to reiterate the incredibility we should all have: This turn to Socialism, along with the erosion of our freedoms (Real ID, NAIS, etc, etc.) is happening under a Republican administration. Just proving that the general philosophy of both parties is not too different. It's all about power folks, not philosophy.

Life issues? The cynical in me believes that the Republicans give lip service to the pro-life cause (in an indefensible way-how can rape and incest be exceptions to abortion if you really believe life begins at conception?) in order to win elections that they wouldn't have a prayer to win without the social conservatives in their camp.

I saw a headline the other day called attention to the fact that although homosexual marriage is on the ballot in at least 3 states, neither Obama or McCain are talking about it. (Obama wants to avoid it so as not to lose votes from the middle-McCain wants to avoid it so as not to lose votes from the Left-which he won't get anyway.) No principles here. Doesn't McCain realize that the Ohio ballot question on homosexual marriage probably put GW over the top 4 years ago (although even GW waffled on it.) ?

So where am I on the economy? I believe in local and regional economy and commerce wherever possible, and for owner-operated businesses whenever possible. To encourage this, the tax system should favor small businesses and local and regional businesses...and the tax system should discourage conglomerates. Local and Regional industry needs less centralized regulation. The market will regulate on a local level. (At it's most basic level: If I sell rotten tomatoes or eggs or sausage on my roadside stand-people won't buy them (the latter of which is against the law unless I have inspectors prowling the property). Food poisoning at a restaurant which gets its produce and meat locally can be tracked quickly with Federal oversight.) Subsidiary!

Enough of this, I want to post about sausage and other things....

Oremus pro invicem!

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