Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Some Pictures

We finally got some film developed. Here's a couple pictures of my kids with a couple of the milk goats. We have 3 nannies and 4 kids (2 little nannies, our buck-to-be, and a wether we will be putting to the pot or bbq soon.)

The first picture, a few of my kids with our buck-to-be: Bambi.

The next, son with Bambi's mother: Gertrude. (Note the socks; typical around here for some reason.)

And finally an unrelated picture, but too good to let pass. Two sons demonstrating emergency field stretcher techniques on younger brother. (They tried to move me in it, but one of the poles broke.)

Oremus pro invicem!


Jeff Culbreath said...

Quite a handsome (and happy) brood you have there, Mr. Curley! I hope younger brother is OK. He looks like toast.

Jim Curley said...

I can certainly say the same of yours, based on the recent pictures and movies.

(Oh, and he is perfectly fine-just playing his part in the demonstration.)