Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A Couple Notes

I planted radishes today where the carrots were and in a couple other places where the original plantings didn't take well. I know radishes can be pithy in hot weather, but I am not concerned. The radishes will go to the chickens and the greens to the goats (who love them.)

I know I can grow radishes and turnips-if that's it for now, its okay. If I grow enough, we can use them for the animals and cut the feed bill. Both grow well here, so do what works. (See I learn slowly, but I do learn.) We can always buy our vegetables for our own consumption at the farmer's market until we figure it out for ourselves.


Over at the The Distributist Review, John Medaille is putting (or writing) the rough draft of his prospective book entitled The Political Economy of Distributism up. Right now he has up to Chapter IV posted. This morning I read this interesting and true statement:

It is no accident that as the force of custom and virtue diminishes, the role of law—and lawyers—increases. So too does the role of politics and bureaucracies...

First we saw virtue diminish in practice, now its demise being codified.

Oremus pro invicem!

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