Monday, June 23, 2008

The Weekend

We lost a kitten and a goat on Sunday. Our cat had a litter a few weeks ago. The runt wasn't getting any bigger and was losing the fight against his sisters for nursing time and space. We did what we could, but it was inevitable.

The goat (Obama) is a greater loss. He was one of the originals, just obtained to clear some land and hit the pot. He had been sluggish the past few days and not too interested in food. We tried to deworm him (pellets) but he would have none of it. Saturday he seemed to have a bit more energy, but sometime on Sunday afternoon he died.

His sister Hilary seems okay, and took some dewormer, but we will watch closely. Their mother is clearly unaffected.

When we were burying Obama, my youngest son came over and commented, "Dad, I remember when we used to sing songs when we buried an animal. I guess Obama is getting a pagan funeral."


Arrived in the mail: Catholic Men's Quarterly. Some pretty good stuff inside. Here's a quote from an article on St. Bernard of Clairvaux:

When he would enter a town to preach the excellence of the monastic life, mothers locked their sons in the root cellar, lest they be deprived of grandchildren. Not all were successful. One of these youths locked in a dark basement, who heard the persuasive preaching of the saint was Bernard Pignatelli; he would become B. Eugenious III, the first Cistercian Pope.


Thomas More and John Fisher has an "uncelebrated" (due to its appearance on Sunday) feast day yesterday. However, the Curley's celebrated by getting donuts after Mass.

For more on More, go here , or see some of my previous posts on this great saint, among them this one.

Oremus pro invicem!

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