Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Most of the planting is done. We have a small back garden which I manured and tilled this morning. I'll plant there in a couple days. We also have some areas which I will start laying manure for the fall garden.

Mrs. Curley got a sample issue of Hobby Farm Magazine. I haven't looked through it much-Mrs. Curley has liked it so far. But the name rubs me wrong-perhaps due to this essay I read some time back from New Agrarian.

We don't think of our efforts as a hobby-although (as discussed in this post a few years ago, sometimes the reality didn't have our priorities correct.

We are learning and making progress, but our curve is pretty long. And Our holding here is on sand-beach sand-I kid you not-even though we are 100 miles from the coast. It takes the term "well-drained" to new heights. Every year is almost like starting from scratch because nutrients get washed away. In our harsh environment (drought and sand and little money to purchase fertilizers etc.), the garden needs priority attention-not hobby attention. I am sure some people's hobby farms have better results than our efforts...

Oremus pro invicem!

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