Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Was reading Dale Ahlquist's essay in Beyond capitalism and socialism last night and came across this:

Our separation of economy from the home is part of a long fragmentation process. ... We have separated everything from everything else. We have accomplished this by separating everything from the home. Feminism has separated women from the home. Capitalism has separated men from the home. Socialism has separated education from the home. Manufacturing has separated craftsmanship from the home. The news and entertainment industry has separated originality and creativity from the home, rendering us into passive and malleable consumers rather than active citizens.

We have been trying to restore the 'natural order' in our little corner as best we can. I still have my hand in big business in some of my consulting work-but I never want to leave our homestead again for a daily work elsewhere. It may be impossible to maintain our current scheme as the societal forces work against us, but it worth trying to preserve. This is why (along with honoring God) I continue Requiem Press and begin endeavors like The Rosary Box Maker .

I am not one to say that everyone has to do things my way-God calls every man and every family to their own vocation-but I am certain that our society has fractured the family. As a result we see the consequences in our daily headlines. But we don't see everything: the countless souls who are suffering here and in the world beyond.

Oremus pro invicem!

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