Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The 4th anniversary of Requiem Press passed quietly last month. No birthday bash-but no fire-sale either. You can see our offerings on the sidebar. We should have a few more added this spring and summer-some good stuff too.


Another quote from "Beyond capitalism and socialism"-this one from Gary Potter:

The question raises the one of what to do: how to proceed, against the day when more Americans and others elsewhere will be more interested than now in talking about what life would be like in a Christian society instead of in the one they have. The simple, and simplistic, answer is to forget the question. Just gather some tools, find a piece of land, and go work it. At least that is the answer of some of the purely agrarian-minded among the Distributists. The trouble with this solution is that we are not Amish. the Catholic religion ... is not meant to be lived privately, but in society, a society larger than that of the family.

Oremus pro invicem!


Zach said...

The Amish don't practice their religion in isolation either -- there is always a community, a neighborhood of Amish. So, while Potter's point is good, I think his example is off.


Jim Curley said...

Good point, what you say is true. I'm betting that the example was given as more of a perception (although this is pure speculation on my part); that is: one thinks of the Amish as being isolated from society-that they have retreated from the larger community. I would guess that is the context of Mr. Potter's example.