Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Restoration ....

Maybe the most oft-quoted book (besides the Bible) on Catholic blogs has been John Senior's "Restoration of Christian Culture." Certainly it has been quoted here often enough. (More recently, his Death of Christian Culture has gotten 'air-time' at Bethune Catholic).

After about a year and a half of search on my own, in April of 2007 I made a public plea that I was seeking a family member of Dr. Senior so that we could secure the rights to reprint "Restoration...".

I finally have contacted a family member-but alas! I am too late!

The good news is that both of these classics will be back in print very soon-just not with us .

IHS Press is releasing both these works in October 2007. Here is a postcard detailing how to order your copies.

I am very happy these books are back in print. Especially "Restoration..." which I believe gives a good roadmap for families who want to restore Christian culture in their homes and then in the larger local community.

Oremus pro invicem!


Anonymous said...

Thatt is great news and well done to IHS press. I discovered this (all the way over in Ireland) from the Stony Creek Digest) Have you written much on John Senior ? Are there any particular posts on your blog ? I am sorry to say that I have seen little on the blogosphere about him and must be looking in the wrong places.Any ideas,please ?
Alan Robinson

JCurley said...

Dear Alan: I have quoted Dr. Senior, oh fairly frequently, for the past two years or so. If you look in my archives, January 2006 has 3 posts quoting/discussing "Restoration of Christian Culture". Then, from then til now now, I have probably mentioned Dr. Senior 4-5 times-quoting something he wrote to make a point.

Mostly I see quotes from "Restoration" here or there-including several times at StonyCreek Digest.

Using the Catholic blog search engine, you might find some more:

Good luck! I am sure with these two books coming back in print, more will be available on him.