Saturday, July 07, 2007

Poll and free book offer!!!!!!

You all need to settle an argument for Mrs. Curley and me. As an incentive for weighing in, I will give away either a copy of John Meehan's Two Towers, or Dr. William May's memoirs, Standing with Peter (read about these and other fine books: here) to all participants. [To get your free book, email me here i.e the the contact page on the Requiem Press website; just mention you participated in the poll, give your book choice, and name and shipping address.]

Okay, here's the question. In the picture below of Mrs. Curley and myself (taken many years ago when I had less pounds and more hair) does my outfit match, ie. the red shirt and sky blue coat? Don't want to bias anyone, so I won't say what I think-although I would bet many can guess...

What say you all? Do I match? (Poll will remain open and on top of the blog through Monday evening.)

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