Monday, July 24, 2006

of Bridges

We went to the Isle of Palms on Friday just outside of Charleston. After the beach we went downtown Charleston to walk through the market area. To get there from the beach we had to go over the new Cooper River bridge. The new bridge is not a bad looking structure-but architectually (and I am no archetect) seems out of place with the low country, Charleston, etc. The new bridge seems more "West Coast"-if there is such a thing. (I don't deny the old bridges needed replacement). See for yourself.

First, a few pics of the old bridge(s).

Now for a couple of the New Cooper River Bridge.

In either case, we always have a fun time going over large bridges like these. Some in the family seem especially 'teasible" (I know I shouldn't encourage it) when going over such a structure.

(And we had a great time at the beach and at the market.)

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K for Kid said...

they both look terribly intimidating. . . . if it weren't for the Charleston Market, I might just have stayed home!