Monday, July 24, 2006

Jury Duty again

Saturday produced another summons for jury duty. (See previous summons here.) This time it is for the Kershaw County court. Now I have never requested to be excused from jury duty. I have been summoned 4 times since moving to SC, but only actually ever heard one case. When I worked in industry, I was asked several times to write letters on the behalf of other people to excuse them from jury duty-because for some reason I was successful at it.

This summons has a unique (at least in my experience) directive:

A Judge is the only person that can excuse you from Jury Duty, a Clerk can not help you with this matter. You may speak to Judge Hxxxx or Judge Cxxxx on the Day of Court. (emphasis in original.)

They probably came up short one day and decided to make it harder to get excused.

Personally I don't mind sitting on a jury (no questionaire this time). However, in the particular instance, the jury duty takes place on the first days of class. (I believe I mentioned somewhere that I am teaching a couple classes this fall to supplement the old income.) I don't think the school will be too pleased with this-but we shall see how it works out.

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