Friday, July 21, 2006


This book, Giving Up Stealing for Lent and other family stories, is somewhat different for us. It is certainly history, but not as most of us usually see it. That is we think of history as big battles and life-changing proclamations, etc. Yet history is made one action, one comment at a time. Big things are set into motion by little things. The raising of a family has untold impact on the local and larger community and ultimately the world.

We are always happy to receive reviews of our books. What follows is a first (for us) however.

Here's a unique review we received of our recent release:


“You can’t judge a book,
By its cover.”
But this one…
I think you can.

“Giving Up Stealing
For Lent’s” art hovers,
Over the mischievous
Madden clan.

From dear Aunt Mike
To Uncle that’s blind,
Mom, pop, eleven
Sisters and brothers

You’ll visit a time,
When sin was a crime
And couples forsook
All the others.

You’ll laugh and you’ll cry
At the days, thought gone by,
As if only they were found
In just tomes.

But, no, Brother Madden,
My heart he did gladden,
Showing how all can have
Catholic homes!!!


(By the way, you can check out Long-Skirts other poetry here)

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