Wednesday, March 22, 2006

A few more notes

This article by fellow blogger Eric Scheske writes of blogs and motivations. It ends with a warning of sorts....

But I think it’s worth recalling the rest of Gregory of Sinai’s passage above: “But he who writes to please men, for fame or for display, loses his reward and will receive no profit from this either here or in the life to come; more, he will be condemned as a sycophant and a wicked poacher of the Word of God.”


My son is sitting at the desk behind me folding RequiemPress catalogs I just printed for a homeschool conference in Louisianna. His comment, "Dad why don't we print these in color?" I reply, "It costs too much." He: "Okay, I was just thinking more people might buy a book if they could see the colors." A budding entreperneur???

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