Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Random takes

Maybe the hurricane Matthew cometh! Good thing we canceled the family campout we planned for this weekend. While a get away to the upstate may have been dry, it is best we are here during the storm with all the livestock we have around.
Our laying hens must have good hearing. After two weeks of only getting 2 eggs a day from a flock of almost 20 hens, I started talking about lots of chicken pot pie. Suddenly we are getting 10 eggs a day.
When to Mass this morning and then breakfast at Huddle House to celebrate: Number two daughter turns 18 today! 
Reading from Galatians today. St. Paul corrects St. Peter "to his face" in public  for his hypocrisy and poor judgement. Do we still have courageous Bishops?
Couldn't help but smile at the pieces on Bishop Etienne (Cheyenne) now that he is getting Anchorage: carries around a fishing rod-just in case, brothers buy each other rifles for Christmas, 3 priests and a nun in his family, spends free time chopping wood.  
I keep checking the peanuts and the sorghum, but both are not quite ready.
Speaking of not ready, I am not sure I have enough wood cut for winter yet. I have it here, but much still needs to be cut and split. In addition, we still need to clean out the chimney. People are telling me its my turn.
Oremus pro invicem!

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Jim Dorchak said...

I am having a friend who is an artist weld me up a diesel powered wood splitter. I see the clock on the wall and time has taken its tole on me so I am preparing for the future. We heat and cook with wood here so it is a must for me. Jim