Monday, October 17, 2016

Over the weekend

I was trying to sell a couple of sows to make way (that is, raise the purchase price) for a new sow. The State Fair is in town, and I heard there were some Old Spot gilts and some Chester White gilts - both of which I wouldn't mind having.
All three of my sows were pregnant, so I put out a deal. Good price for two pregnant sows, just ready to give birth. (6 week old piglets will fetch $40-60 easily, so purchase price of the sow was contained several times over in her belly.)
I had some serious bites, but Friday at the noon watering, Thomas comes running in saying that Sam (Samantha) was farrowing at that moment. We hadn't even moved her to a farrowing pen. She didn't finish having pigs until after midnight, but we moved her in the process. (Two myths broken here: 1. sows are in some kind of trance during labor (I have never seen it), and 2. Sow labor is 2-3 hours - mostly true, but Sam holds marathons.)

As a precaution, we moved Polly to her farrowing pen also. We have a few extra souls living with us now. It was their first time moving big pigs. I think they enjoyed it and observed some interactions they hadn't seen before!

I figured I still had a chance to sell Polly....

Sunday morning, Thomas comes in and announces Polly farrowed overnight. She pulled all the hay from her house and built a nest over by the fence, piling hey and dirt so high, the piglets fell through the higher openings. But Thomas recaptured them and all is well (except I don't have a new sow!).

But I thank God for the many blessings he has bestowed.

Oremus pro invicem!


Jim Dorchak said...

GOS Gloucester Old Spots I think would be a good addition here as well, as we discussed. Let me know if you pull it off. i would buy your sows but it is a real long drive.
BTW, i am down to 4 piglets now out of 7.

Thanks let me know


Jim Curley said...

Jim, I didn't hook up with the guy with the GOS at the Fair. The State Fair was partially a disaster in poor planning by me. I briefly got to the hog shows, but so briefly I didn't talk to anyone.

If I do get in contact with the GOS breeder, I will let you know.

BTW, you are looking at litters of 8 and 9. Both had 1 or more stillborn. I am disappointed in the numbers. I think it is my Boar's fault. But I have another litter due in the next month. We shall see...

Jim Dorchak said...

yea i am hoping my new boar is doing what he is here to do as well. We will see in another month or so. Keep trying on the GOS and I will purchase some O vials from you for importation.