Monday, October 24, 2016

Another peaceful weekend

We went to Pointsett State Park this weekend. I think I have mentioned we have a few other children staying with us right now. Camping was a new experience for them - but something they now want to do again. It was hard to leave.
It was the first time all of us spent the night away from home in many years. The cow is dry, so we just made sure all the other animals had extra feed, hay and water. They seemed to make out okay.
We arrived at Pointsett on Friday afternoon. We got 2 campsites because we wanted a little privacy and had 3 tents and 9 of us. After setting up camp (tents mostly by Thomas) we went over to the field and had wheel barrow races, tug of war and a friendly game of kickball. (Sort of friendly, Mrs. Curley was rolling fastballs when my team was at bat!)
Friday night, Mama (Mrs. Curley) put a seafood medley in a cast iron Dutch oven on the fire. I grilled some flounder on the Coleman stove. I think we had some veggies too and put some potatoes in coals.
Saturday morning (after an interesting night in the tent for some) I cooked up some bacon and eggs while we broke up the camp (Thomas again doing most of the disassembly work).
We then rented a canoe and two peddle boats. I drove the canoe, and we switched off my front paddler until almost everyone had a turn. We saw some diving ducks. Supposedly there were a few small gaters in the pond, but despite claims of seeing them, I don't think we really did.
We had a picnic lunch by the lake and then headed home.
I think everyone had fun. Usually I don't say it is good to be away from home, but in this case, I think it was good to have fun at a neutral site.
Now Thomas and I have a backpacking trip to schedule. We might go back to Jones Gap and see Raven Cliff Falls, or maybe decide to pack along the Chattooga River. We'll see.
Oremus pro invicem!

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