Friday, June 03, 2016

In and Up; Here and Gone (Updated)

Update: Regarding my final comment below about the presidential election, I feel the way this guy thinks , excepting the last two paragraphs. (And by the way, we are eating our sweet corn!)

So we finally planted the sweet sorghum this morning. The peanuts are in and up. The pumpkins are in and up. We will be picking at least a dozen ears of sweet corn for supper on Saturday. Still picking peas, broccoli and spinach, although these three are petering out fast.
God is good to us. We've had plenty of rain and just enough sun to plow and plant.
It just turned to hotter this week. While we've had a few 90 degree days, it was still getting cool at night. But with this week, the coolness has ended. Too bad. I have 2-3 hogs to put down and would rather have done it before this turn of weather. Oh well, we will still get it down.
Matthew, the seminarian, was here for a week before going back to Texas to work at a Catholic summer camp.
Connor (NE Catholic) has been here for 2 weeks. He's been working hard helping me get this place in shape for the summer and next fall. He will be heading back North for work at the college for the summer in a couple weeks. He is a counselor at the high school summer program at NCC.
Nicholas (Wyoming) came home last weekend after a 10-day mission trip in Nicaragua. He will be here for almost 2 months before heading back to Wyoming to work for the summer. Nick helps lead the freshman outdoor trips at WCC.
So we are enjoying having, playing and working with the boys while they are home.
We are fostering a young boy this summer, so it really is a full house once again - for a while.
I meant to link to this several weeks ago, because it is so telling and true. I don't need to comment; it speaks for itself.
Finally-what about this election coming up? Maybe The Constitution Party? Of course I still have some bumper stickers left from the '012 campaign:).

Oremus pro invicem!


Charlie said...

I love what the Constitution Party stands for. But if I am going to vote third party, I may as well write in my own name.

Trump still has to draw on sane people for his administration and the SCOTUS, so I am casting my ballot for him. He has to be better than what we've had for the last eight years. It's sad that we are left with such lousy choices.

Pray for this country.

Jim Curley said...

Charlie, When I lived in Massachusetts, it didn't matter (with respect to outcome) who I voted for in November. The Democrat always took the state. Similarly, in SC, it doesn't matter. The Republican will take the state. Therefore, I don't have to wrestle with my conscience on whether I can vote for a Trump (although I can't).

I haven't voted for a major party candidate president in the November election for as long as I can remember, if ever. If I lived in a battleground state, perhaps I would have voted McCain or Romney, but I couldn't vote Trump even in Ohio.

But I won't debate you on how you should vote. You say:

"Trump still has to draw on sane people for his administration and the SCOTUS"

I am not so sure, but hope you are right!

I will offer this to all who claimed we HAD to vote for McCain and Romney or else Obama would be elected-he was anyway. If a large enough percentage of the voting population stopped holding their noses while pulling the lever and started voting for someone they really believed in, the major parties would pay attention-or would have. I think things may be too far gone for that.