Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Pick the guy who doesn't care ...

So I have seen parts of some of the debates. I have read the literature in the mail. I have seen cuts of speeches by various candidates here and there.
Here is my (long sought and highly paid for) impressions. To almost every candidate running, the most important issue is themselves-whether they can be elected or not.
The exception would seem to be Bernie Sanders. I don't think he cares whether he is elected or not as long as the problems are fixed.
Bernie Sanders also seems to be the only candidate that has a clue to what our problems are as a nation. Of course his solutions are not nearly mine, but he should get some points for recognizing some of the problems which are so hidden from the minds of all the others.
That being said, his stands on life issues and marriage are so abhorrent, one couldn't vote for him in a general election, even if one could hold their nose on the socialism.
We are in a sorry state when the only guy running worthy of the presidency is a Socialist from Vermont. (Nothing against Vermont, I have very fond memories of summers in Vermont at Opus Dei camps during my high school years.)
Oremus pro invicem!

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