Wednesday, March 09, 2016

I've heard the story before (heard it again last night in a new light): on October 2, 1928, while in prayer St. Josemaria Escriva "saw" Opus Dei.

I have always wondered if this was a mystical experience, a visionary experience, or simply an idea or inspiration which came in prayer.

The last has always seemed impossible to me-but now I am not so sure.

Action should always be rooted in prayer (I read point in The Way not too long ago making this very point.)

So if you do spend this time with our Lord daily and inspiration comes, you need to act upon it. I did that once .... I did that once...

That is the (one of many) difference(s) between myself and the saint. I recall some inspirations from prayer, but my response has been, "I am not the man to do this!"; "I can't do this by myself."; "This is a good idea for someone else to try."

But I forget: God did communicate to someone else-He talked to me! And wants a leap of faith. He wants us to rely on Him-He doesn't leave us out in the cold on our own.

It is good it is Lent ....

I did take a leap of faith in one thing: I planted sweet corn this week. I planted this early once before and was richly rewarded.
Corn can take a light frost, but not a heavy frost. The problem with waiting until April is that the rain here usually quits around the first of June, which leaves the critical weeks for corn dry. Year after year we lose much of the crop to lack of rain.
However, if you plant early and there is no hard frost, you may get the best looking and tasting, and bountiful sweet corn.
Finally, finished The Deerslayer. Such an enjoyable saga.
Oremus pro invicem!

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