Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Holy Rosary-Meditations

Several years ago (more than 10) I used to pray the rosary on my commute home from work in the car. Distraction was king.
I decided to write out for myself some simple meditations for each mystery so I had something to grasp while I fought the distractions.
Over the next several days/weeks I will reproduce those scribbles here, one mystery at a time. They are nothing special, but they helped me then (and now) to focus on the mystery at hand.
 (I have nothing for the Luminous mysteries as these predate that time.) So here is the first.
1. The Annunciation 
Fiat - Be it done unto me according to thy word!
Total self-giving and commitment from a 14 year-old Jewish girl.
How is my commitment? To my marriage? To my children? To giving my time in prayer and works to God?
Can I commit my love and all of myself to God?
O Mary, conceived without sin, help me to accept God's will in my life and dedicate myself to Him.
Oremus pro invicem!

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