Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I heard a supposed holiday comedy bit on the radio last night which reminded of some events in my own life long ago ....

Before Mrs. Curley and I were married, or even dating, we worked at a small high tech start-up. We didn't work much together, but somehow we seemed to be always kidding each other about one thing or another. She and a small crew worked 2nd shift. I was the shift problem solver or consultant but wasn't really part of the shift as I had other work to do. I was just there for them in case of need.

So one Christmas, the 2nd shift decided to do a Secret Santa deal where you picked a name out of the hat and bought a modest present. It was all to be secret until the present exchange.

Leading up to the name selection I gave Mrs. Curley a hard time about her planning on stuffing the hat with her own name so she'd get lots of presents.

When it was my turn to pick a name, I immediately turned to her and said, "So you DID stuff the hat!" In fact I had picked her name, but didn't let on other than an occasional kidding about fixing the game.

On other days, I would come up to her and say, "I'm having trouble deciding what to get my secret Santa; what do think of those Chia Pets you see advertised on TV?" She would raise her eyebrows and look at me with some skepticism, but say, "Oh I don't know. That might be okay."

Well Christmas came and I delivered a gift-not a Chia Pet. The following year we were both laid off and started dating. Now almost 20 years later and 7 children, I am still tempted to buy Mrs. Curley a Chia Pet when I see them in the store.

Oremus pro invicem!

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