Saturday, June 04, 2011

Thank God for .... Pigweeds?

Turns out that pigs love pigweeds! And we have plenty to "harvest". Our peanut acres are overrun. But we are making progress. One day this week we fed our hogs over 50 pounds of pigweeds. But we have many more pounds to go.

Our sweet corn is going well. We either need one more good rain for the sweet corn or we will till and irrigate.

Now our field corn is stalled. This week we tilled, spread cow manure in the rows and then began mulching with old straw. This should keep the moisture in (if it rains-no way to irrigate this field) and keep the pigweeds suppressed.


Alisha said...

Pig weed is good to eat for people too! Google it. We grow amaranth which is the cultivated version of pig weed.

Kimberly said...

I have yet to let my pigs try pigweeds but I am buying it as soon as you wrote about this. Thank you for recommending pigweeds to me. Also, good luck with good rain and irrigation!

Alisha: Pig weed for human? Seriously? I will try it one day then!

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