Tuesday, May 17, 2011

In my last post, I forgot to relate (or brag on) the Curley family exploits at the annual Bethune Chicken Strut Rodeo a few weeks ago. First up: Number 2 son tried his hand at bull-riding again. On the first ride, the bull got caught up in the gate, so he was granted another ride. Same thing happened. He could have asked for another ride, but was a little shaken up and (wisely) opted to quit the bull for the night.

Then came the women's calf chase: The idea is that the participants chase a calf around trying to claim the greased ribbon tied to the calf's tail. Number 2 daughter was off to the races. She caught the calf and was hanging onto the tail when the ribbon slipped off and someone else claimed it. It was quite a sight to see the usually demur Number 2 daughter push her way through the throng to catch the calf. Maybe next time she'll come home with the prize. (Personally, I thought if Mrs. Curley had entered the arena with her, they could have teamed up and shut out the competition. But Mrs. Curley didn't want to create an unfair advantage to the rest of the field!)

Finally, Numbers 1, 2 & 3 sons participated in the wild horse saddling challenge. Here there are 2 teams of 3 men trying to catch, saddle and ride (briefly) one of two wild horses, each sporting a 20-foot lead line, roaming the arena. No team had successfully caught a horse the previous night. The Curley boys showed better. At first it appeared the horse would win again. But in the final minute, Number 3 son caught the lead line and actually brought the horse to its knees (inadvertently), allowing Number 1 son to grab the halter. Number 2 son, limping from his bull-riding earlier in the night, hobbled the length of the arena to get the saddle, scrambled back, saddled the horse and mounted on the second try-but alas, 3 seconds after the buzzer.

A valiant effort by all the Curley's that night even if no prizes were brought home. Quite a night with many good stories to remember and to tell-better than prize money any day!

Oremus pro invicem!


Jim Albert said...

I love it!!!! Go Curley family!!!!

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