Thursday, February 19, 2009


The thrill of seeing and collecting newly laid eggs does not diminish with age or with the number of eggs collected.

Writing is never so eloquent, meaningful, and beautiful as when it is written in connection with the death of a loved one.

If you look towards Lent with foreboding, you need to rediscover the meaning of love and hope.

Oremus pro invicem!


TS said...

If you look towards Lent with foreboding, you need to rediscover the meaning of love and hope.

Perhaps, although "Lent" is an extremely pliable term. Lent can mean anything from the trivial observance of what the Church calls "fasting" these days, or, at the other extreme, a masochistic exercise that sees spiritual progress only in denial and privation.

Jim Curley said...

You may be right. Let's explore. If Lent is a trivial observance, certainly you don't see it with foreboding anyway, so the statement is non-applicable.

If you see Lent as a masochistic exercise .... you do indeed need to rediscover the reason, which is love and not pain for pain's sake, let's say.

If you are more reasonable, but lacking a little love, so you make an honest effort to make a meaningful sacrifice, but you do it with a sigh, you need to rediscover....

If you look forward to Lent with a joy in knowing it is a process which will get you back on track, get you closer to God, you have know foreboding, but more joy.

I have probably been each of these at some point.

TS said...

It's more like I try hard each Lent but it doesn't seem to make me spiritually much better. But perhaps that's the wrong focus. Perhaps I should just focus on repenting for the sake of repenting, since Lord knows I have enough to repent for!

Jim Curley said...

Well, looking at the first of my so-called "Truths", I can see (like this morning when it was cold again) that I wasn't looking forward to egg-collecting.

So maybe they aren't truths so much my flitting opinion of the moment based on my own experiences....

TS said...


Actually I think your last two truths are probably very much true.