Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Still alive. We think the worst of the flu is over, but we are coming back on line slowly. I am enjoying doing all the animal chores with Mrs. Curley these days, even though we are quite recovered ourselves. I will be hesitant to relinquish the chickens to the boys when they are fully recovered. The Rhode Island Reds are now at full production, an egg a day from each (and possibly one hen is doing a little double duty.)


I haven't been doing much blog reading these days, but have been following Amy Welborn's writings these past few days. You know, I find the more people close to me that die, the less I fear my own mortality. I have also found my tears at the loss of loved ones, when examined closely, have been tears of joy and gratitude for being blessed with having had the loved one in my life. So many truths come out of our contemplation of death-perhaps a sign we should contemplate it more often as Thomas More often urged.

Here's something that Amy wrote which hit home for me:

For years - 26, to be exact - I have practiced letting people belong to God, not me. It is my mode of parenting, to try my hardest to respect the child as a child, first of all, of God. The road was seriously paved for this when my oldest left home for college 8 years ago, totally on his own journey. And as he and the others grow and developed, I worked harder and harder on it inside my soul.

Let go. They are the Lord’s. They walk with Him, they do not belong to you, they do not exist for your satisfaction or pleasure or entertainment or for any affirmation of anything you have done. They are the Lord’s.

Boy, isn't this something all parents must strive for? It can be a fine line sometimes.


There's a meeting on Thursday evening this week to organize a Bethune Farmer's Market! I may have a conflict (depending on the boys health-turns out two of them won 2nd place in VFW essay/speech contest, and the banquet is Thursday.) It would be great to have a local market here in Bethune.

Finally, our book Giving Up Stealing for Lent! is excerpted in the latest Catholic Men's Quarterly. I recommend both the book and the magazine.... Oremus pro invicem!

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