Monday, January 19, 2009

Weekend Report

The weather held up (not too cold) for the Stand-Up for Life Rally in Columbia this Saturday. They had us on the back side of the capital building instead of the street side. I don't know why. Someone said because of the MLK rally today, they wouldn't let us use the street side on Saturday. Doesn't make sense to me.

Because the area was smaller, the crowd looked bigger, but who knows.

I will say this, more or our diocesan priests used to show up for the rally when Bishop Baker was here (he always showed up). Am I being too cynical?

I must confess I didn't pay too close attention to the speeches, but it seems I didn't hear much or anything about FOCA. However, I did finally meet Greencastle and two of her children at the rally. Of course I have known her husband for years, having worked at with him. Mrs. Curley spend more time talking than I did, but I am very glad we finally met. Her line a couple years ago that "Bethune Catholic" was akin to saying "an Irish Muslim" still cracks me up.


We have just about finished the turnips and collards from the fall garden. We ate some, but especially the turnips which were very numerous, we used as supplemental feed for the animals. The goats will eat the greens, the chickens the fruit. Or, we have two pigs that will eat the greens but not the turnip, and three pigs that will eat both.

During the winter with not much greenery around, having these available for the livestock was great-although we ran out a month or so short.


Dishwasher fixed (credit to Mrs. Curley for diagnosis), but still have two cars down. I have ruled some things out (and broke a vacuum hose myself during the investigation) but have a few more things to check. But first back to the office work.

Oremus pro invicem!


Jim Dorchak said...

I was asking myself why you have not purchased a milking cow. Your big brood could use one and all the milk she would give. Any excess milk you could feed to the pigs.

I would look for a gernsey instead of a holstein since holseins are very excitable and not as calm, but you may have to settle for what you can come by.

I think that you could picket her out around the house and she would give you +/-3 gallons a day. Butter, Cream, Cheese and fresh milk. The bigest pain with the cow is the twice a day milking. 5:30 Am and at sunset. I could not take the 5:30 am, but you and your boys are early risers already.

Cows have a hearding instinct, but milking cows loose that since they have a strong desire to be milked and they know where to get milked from after a while.

Have you thought on this?

Jim Dorchak

Jim Curley said...

Jim-We've been contemplating it. Even though we'd have to bring in practically all her food, between the product for us and the excess for the pigs, I think she'd pay for herself.

We have hesitated because of the milking committment, but right now we are pretty immobile as it is, so we are getting used to it.

There are a couple dairies around which may sell a cow pretty cheaply if it has lost one quarter, but otherwise okay.

We're looking at it.