Friday, January 16, 2009


Goats are easier to slaughter than pigs (but harder than chickens). They are smaller and skin much more easily. Yesterday was my first male goat-but it came off without a hitch. We have ground meat again in the freezer.

We were supposed to slaughter some chickens today, but its a bit cold. Plucking is harder in the cold. Of course you can scald and then pluck, but the wet feathers maker the plucker even more uncomfortable.


Headline story in this week's Catholic Miscellany:

Pope: Crisis calls for a new economic model

The current financial crisis should be seen as a challenge to find new economic models that promote honesty, development and concern for the environment, Pope Benedict XVI said.

"We need to try to establish a 'virtuous circle of living'" simply and fighting poverty, the pope said Jan. 1 as he celebrated Mass for the feast of Mary Mother of God...

Sounds like a good plan to me. May Distributism fits the bill?


Last night we went to the county yearly library sale. I picked up a very large volume on composting; Homesteading by Gene Logsdon; The Furniture Doctor by George Grotz; and a few other odds and ends. Mrs. Curley picked up several cookbooks.

The children had a field day, coming home with the complete Tarzan series in hardback, most of the Black Stallion series, some Dickens, etc.

One blight on the night were the other patrons. My two daughters told of several occasions where they were told gruffly to MOVE!, and were even pushed once as they looked through books in the children's section. I notice that my high school boys weren't pushed around, but these book bargain dealers were quick to shove little girls.


It's a good thing we are not doing the chickens today. I woke up not feeling well. Besides, I have 2 cars down and a dishwasher that has suddenly decided to leak. I hope I get this stuff fixed and I recover by the morning as tomorrow we plan to go to the Stand up Life march and rally in Columbia.

Oremus pro invicem!


Rachel said...

I am so sorry to hear of the rude treatment your daughters received. It is so unfortunate, whenever anyone is treated badly, but worse when those smaller/weaker than ourselves are the recipients...

But, good purchases seem to have been made--I need to look into when our new town has their sale..
thanks for the reminder!

Qm2/ss said...

I am also sorry to hear how the little ones were treated.

We were not able to make the march for life. Jimmy and Samuel were already commited to go caving with the boyscouts, and we had to deliver the each at 6 am and 8 am. So we are stuck in Greer. Also I had to get the leaves off of the roof of the house in case the Snow/ Ice/ Rain comes so that the roof will not develope an ice leak.

Hope the march went well.


Jim Dorchak