Friday, December 19, 2008

We don't have the pasture (or forest) I would like to have to slowly fatten our pigs. Thus we feed them commercial feed and corn, supplemented by generous friends who donate acorns, boiled scraps, and (at least this past summer) over-ripe watermelon from the neighbors.

Now we don't feed our breeding pigs corn, just the pigs we are raising for slaughter. And even then, the percentage of corn is low when young and really only becomes up to 50% of their ration when they hit 175-180 pounds.

I was reading in the 1920 Pork-Production by William Smith that hogs fatten better/faster (5-10%) if you feed them wet ground or crushed corn as opposed to whole corn. (From observing their manure, I am guessing the crush corn is digest better and thus converted to flesh more efficiently.)

It is interesting all the research done in this field.

Still, I would like to pasture my pigs and raise them more naturally. I have an idea ....

Oremus pro invicem!

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