Saturday, December 20, 2008

.... William Safire in a recent column .... declared that our economy is driven by greed and that greed, therefore, should no longer be considered one of the seven deadly sins. "Greed," he said, "is finally being recognized as a virtue ... the best engine of betterment known man." It is, moreover, an agricultural virtue: "The cure for world hunger is the driving force of Greed." Such statements would be possible only to someone who sees the industrial economy as the ultimate reality. Mr. Safire attempts a disclaimer, perhaps to maintain his status as a conservative: "I hold no brief for Anger, Envy, Lust, Gluttony, Pride or Sloth." But this is not a cat that can be let only partly out of the bag. In fact, all seven of the deadly sins are "driving forces" of this economy, as its advertisements and commercials plainly show. - A Defence of the Family Farm 1986, Wendall Berry

The last can be seen even more so 20 years later.


Funny story...not for the squeamish. Number 2 daughter comes in the house from the goat pen practically in tears. She hands Mrs. Curley a piece of unidentified goat fur and flesh.

She tells Mrs. Curley that one of the goats must have bitten it off another goat. Daughter thought is was a goat beard or the (I forget their names) thing-a-ma-jigs which hang off some, but not all goats necks.

Mrs. Curley looks at it in her hand, smells it, and then calls Number 2 Son over. "What is this?"

Number 2 Son: "Uh Ma, you know when we banded little Johnny? That's what came off!"



Picking up some chicks on Monday. Have to get my chicken tractor and a new chicken house built today.

Oremus pro invicem!

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