Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Folk Art festival on Saturday...boys were a hit. I am proud of each and every one. I won a handmade knife (coveted by each of my boys) at the silent auction.

A little break on Sunday, but Monday it was Mass for the great feast, and then late in the afternoon, Duroc was slaughtered. My aim was true and hand steady...twice. For some reason the first one-perfectly placed-did not bring him down. The second-almost on top of the first did. The rest was smoooooooth. Much help from Dr. C. and Jim Dorchak , both of whom brought helpful sons.

We hung Duroc in the garage overnight (it was just barely cold enough) and butchered today. I ground and spiced the sausage meat this afternoon and we all cleaned the house.

Now I have to get ready for a course I am teaching later in the week.

I have two trips into the city left to go this week. Don't expect too much here. I am tired, but very happy. God is great. We have great friends and many, many blessings.

Oremus pro invicem!


Rachel said...

We had a butchering party for our first pig this last weekend--took one shot for my husband :-) Not too bad for an old Army pistol team member, lol...

We were blessed to have a goodly number of friends come in to help (and to help share in the spoils, lol). Sausage is ground, seasoned, in the freezer (we're using Legg's #10), we've got the bacon and hams curing, and we're hoping to have learned enough this time 'round to make the big party this spring go more smoothly.

I'm SO looking forward to my first home-raised pork! :-D The chickens/eggs are wonderful, so I can only imagine that the pork will be similar...

Btw, ours are Hampshires. Husband wanted Tamworths, but they just aren't available out here, at least, to our searching.

Hope your class goes well!

Jim Curley said...

Wow! Yes the gathering of friends is one of the best parts.

The Charlotte Observer had front page color picture of Tamworths this past Sunday (a 2-part series on old-time country hams). They look to be a fine animal. Wpuldn't mind having a few myself.