Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Books and Shooting Pigs

Got Second Coming by Walter Percy out of the library last week. I don't know if I can finish it. He reminds too much of Flannery O'Connor (as posted in past years, I tried, but can't read her.)

Two books by Wendall Berry arrived from the main branch yesterday. One is a book of essays (Home Economics) and the other a novel, A Place on Earth. Looking forward to both. I have never read anything by WB.


In thinking about the two bullets it took on Monday to bring down Duroc, I am convinced it is the angle which counts. (Recall my 2 shots were textbook as to placement, but it still took 2 shots.)

When the pigs head is down (as in eating), unless you crouch to aim, the bullet impacts at a vastly different angle. Note that the usual spot is at the vertex of the X between the ears and the eyes-see illustration-but this is only when the pig is looking up at you. Note the angle of entry difference in profile view illustrations. Thus, if the pig's head is down, you have to aim high to actually have the same penetration effect-that is into the brain. (Another thing the book's don't tell you.)

In practice, I have only shot two pigs with their heads up. Both were textbook on my part and the pig's part. The other times, the pig's head was down. I have, by chance (or bad marksmanship) shot high and brought them down with one shot. (The other 2-shot pig, my first, proves the theory again, by the way.)

Oremus pro invicem!


Zach said...

You've not yet read Wendell Berry? You're in for a treat.

I like Home Economics. It's an older collection of his essays, but it holds up well, and I return to reread it periodically. It's one of the first things of Berry's that I read (almost 20 years ago!).


ts said...

I didn't think "Second Coming" was one of his better ones. I'd put it down around the bottom three. Liked his first two and his last one best probably.

Jim Curley said...

Zach-I am tackling Home Ec first, already I can see I'm going to like it.

TS-I will probably finish 2nd Coming (force of habit) and based on your rec will give him another try in a bit.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Curley-

Our favorite artist Mr. B will not be happy that you put another local artist Mrs. C out of business!!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Curly,

As Zach wrote, Never read WB? You will not only enjoy, but gain greater insights into reality of the material world. I find him a very gentle/humble yet powerful commentator on the truly important issues of our material lives. I look forward to future posts on WB!

_ Jeffrey Wilson

Jim Curley said...

Thanks for the recommendations one and all. I haven't had much reading time this past week, but plan to get going when I am finished working today.

(And I don't think I'll put any artists out of business-strictly utilitarian.)