Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Little Big Guy Redux

Turns out Number 2 Daughter took more and better pictures of the Little Big Guy slaughter in October. I guess she is not squeamish-if you are, the last picture may be a little rough for you (and this wasn't even the most gory of the pics.)

The first is self-explanatory. Jim Dorchak (Jim-I will send a few of these pics) and myself (in the hat) are skinning Little Big Guy.

I really like this second shot which is taken from the other side of the goat pen. You see the goats in the foreground. You see some little pigs to the left. And then you see Little Big Guy hanging there with a couple of the boys hanging around as Jim and I (barely visible) work.

Here's Number 1 Son working on the hide. He has several hides in progress now and has read up on various ways on tanning hides.

Lastly is Little Big Guy's head. Number 2 Son diligently scalded and scraped the head for Dr. C who wasn't present for this slaughter. Number 2 Son kept complaining that the hair kept growing back. By the way, this was a huge head.

Oh yes and what luck. We have an "antique shop" in town. I found two books on swine production from the earlier part of the 2oth century there. They are not in great condition, but stay tuned. It is amazing how attitudes on pork have changed. I will show you pictorially in the next few days.

Oremus pro invicem!

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