Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Plans and Appeal

We will be slaughtering our first goat this week (maybe I'll be writing my own book soon)-she is an old nanny we originally got to clear some land. She is probably not worth breeding and has hung around too long. She was not part of the group we purchased a little later on. She is part Boer while the rest of our goats are Pygmies. She'll be made into ground goat...

But tomorrow I will be going to Darlington Livestock Auction to see what happens at one of these. Based on the prices I've seen online at the USDA market report, I'm not sure I want to be selling (hogs) at this auction, but maybe I should be buying; but I want to check out the quality first. And I want to know who is buying at these markets.


Just did my 3rd quarter tax report for Requiem Press. It was our worst quarter ever-but we still survive (mostly because I have other income from time to time). We will push ahead. I hope to have at least one new release before the end of the year.

We recently received a request from a Chaplain for one of the prisons in Texas for a donation of Mini-Catechisms as they have a large Catholic population. We certainly would like to oblige-but in this economic climate, we can't afford to give these away and stay in business.

Some Catholic publishers have a book donation program. At present we don't. When we redo the website I hope to have this option. However, if any readers here would be interested in sponsoring some Mini-Catechisms for this prison, I will offer the 100 quantity price (50% off) no matter how many you sponsor. If interested, contact me via the email on the sidebar or on through the "Contact Us" page at our website .


Oremus pro invicem!

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